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High tensile bolts, screws and special fasteners thread rolling also with washer assembly machines

Drawn steel wire coils raw, annealed phosphate coated in a range of diameters from 2,00 to 42,00 mm.

High Precision Inspection Systems

High Precision Rolling Machines


Cold Heading Tool and design



The RMG and Lewis Machine names are synonymous wih wire Straightening and Cuting. Our Machines can be found in wire product shops in most of the western world. Known for their robustness, many of the Lewis machines built over the last 100 years are still oprating. The easy to set up RMG machines are durable too RMG's serial number 93101, built in 1993, was recently in our sho for a minor refurbishment and update. We are proud to be providing machines whose life is measured in decades, not merely years.

We produce the most efficient, reliable and cost efective production Inline Wire Drawing machinery available to support the very foundations of maufacturing; the fastener industries, the wire products industries, the construction industries and the steel wire and rod industries.


With more than 40 years of experience in the fastener industry, we can assure you of the fact, that in case you decide to purchase a machine at Weighpack, not only do you get the latest technology and state of the art equipment, but also the experience of handling numerous different parts on one single packing system. Our Weighpack team of engineers is ready to advise and serve you to get your packaging department automated, your quality upgraded and save you on labour.

When Weighpack in The Netherlands was founded in 1974 with the aim to design, manufacture and service packaging lines for high density, high weight, technical products, it marked the start of a company, which over the years would become the world’s most renowned specialist in complete hardware packaging lines now exporting it’s Hardware Systems to more than 45 countries around the world.

Weighpack is specialist in development and production of inspection and weighing machines as well as complete packaging lines for technical products. For many years Weighpack International is providing heavy duty, high quality packaging lines, therefore our machines guarantee reliability and safety. We know how important flexibility is, that is why we always construct flexible custom made machines.

Upgrading your production process by using automatic dosing inspection and packaging equipment is an important forward step in expanding your company. Your customers will always obtain all kinds of product in the correct package, marked with your own company label.

Our company motto is Thinking Ahead, what means that in every Weighpack machine, you will find the innovation solution as increased precision and efficiency. A company with a sound financial basis and more than 40 years experience guarantees common success and win-win situation.


The TRAMEV society wants to proposes itself to the market of metal wire, of the rope-making machines and the derivatives as a supplier of shears and technical standard or special accessories, with the objective to give to clients a qualitative and more efficient service.

TRAMEV proposes itself to the metal wires, wire ropes and wire derivatives manufacturers, both as a supplier of new standard or special accessories and as partner for the solution of technical problems, with the policy of partnership needed to reach, together with the client, the qualitative and quantitative enhancement of the production.

TRAMEV SHEARS DIVISION. With our light and portable tools, to cut, to cut off, to bend, to straighten is now a very easy operation. The TRAMEV shears line offers a full range of portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending of metal wire, allowing a fast and effective solution to the problems related to wire, cable, strand and bolts and nuts.



SACMA founded in 1939, began to design and manufacture cold forging machines just before the world war. The increasing development and substantial growth have brought the name of SACMA to be well known by the world manufacturers of fasteners and special parts. Every day more than 6500 SACMA machines are operative through out the world, in hundreds of factories, transforming thousands of tons into high quality fasteners and special parts, used in many different industrial applications.

For the industry that mass produces consumable items, like fasteners, the advantage of cold forging is an inevitable consequence for reasons of high strength, tight tolerances, reduction of waste material, competitiveness and productivity.

Within the strategy of supplying machines of the highest technology levels, SACMA continues to improve and develop new model progressive cold formers and combined bolt makers, supplying them to the ever growing market of net-shape parts.

End users have a high appreciation of SACMA machines, and consider them to be well designed, well manufactured, powerful, generous in making special parts, flexible for making long or short parts, fast, reliable and generating low cost production. In order to assist all its Customers around the world, SACMA, has developed worldwide efficient service centres able to supply any spare part in a very short time to keep customers always running and making parts.

In the next pages we would like to give you a clear picture of what are the Winning Technologies® that have made SACMA so famous and successful in the world.


ASPE offers a wide range of automatic machines focused on tapping of internal threads and secondary machining intended for manufacturers of Fasteners and special parts, obtained by cold forming.

Due to the increase of secondary operation needed to face nowadays requirements particularly for special parts, we manufacture our automatic tapping machines basing on a reversible spindle system driven by lead screw together with cnc flexible machines.




ASPE supports its customers in the choice of the most suitable machine.

Tecno Lift

Tecno Lift Srl, part of Sacma group, designs and manufactures elevators, hoppers and belt conveyors for feeding machine tools used in the screws, bolts and general fasteners industry.

Tecno Lift vertical elevators for fasteners are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Our company can offer the best solution to ease the production process, taking into account the type of fastening elements to be moved and the working speed. Tecno Lift vertical elevators represent the most effective and cutting-edge technical solution for the optimization of the feeding process in the production of fastening elements.

Our company can rely on highly skilled personnel in order to meet all customer needs. We will be with you, step by step, from the first contact to the completion and delivery of the project.

Trafilerie San Paolo

We supply the main cold heading companies in Europe producing fasteners and special items: they use our steel qualities for the manufactoring of low resistance screws, self-tapping screws and medium and high resistance bolts and nuts or special fastening components.

We have been in this market since 1966 and therefore customers can look at us as reliable supplier in terms of quality and service as well as in terms of availability to find all possible solutions to improve production and quality of cold heading technologies.

Our work with our customer has a goal: give shape to your product and give value to your job.

Regg Inspection

High Precision Inspection Systems: Regg Inspection designs and manufactures high quality inspection systems with modular design. The company has a highly skilled technical staff, which is able to design and manufacture the highest quality inspection systems in the market.

Regg Rolling

High Precision Rolling Machines: Regg Rolling is a designer of high precision two and three dies spline and thread rolling machines. The company produces very robust machines for cold rolling of high tensile materials such as 12.9 steel, titanium, inconel and other exotic alloys. The machines are supplied with PLC or CNC controls for a quick machine set up and simple use. A newly designed hydraulic system allows a shorter cycle time and less maintenance. The combination of all these factors allows a high repeatable production combined with a longer die life.


TECNOPRESS manufactures products of new generation:



TECNOPRESS is the reliable partner for:

– Modifications and customizations of special components made by the internal technical office

– Analysis and innovations to fulfil CE regulations

– Refurbishing and full rebuilding of header and threadrolling

– Production on customer ‘s drawings of mechanical parts in small and big quantities with a wide shop floor equipped with old and new technology machines

– Sales of used and rebuilt cold headers with 24 months guarantee


OCS srl is a company founded towards the end of 1970s, when it started producing printing equipments, including cold-heading, standard and special printing equipments and fastening devices for bolts and screws.

The know-how OCS srl acquired during these years allows the company to broaden its market areas abroad and to gain international success, too. In fact, the company's structure is projected to the world market and O.C.S Snc serves now many foreign customers.

About Santech

Santech Industrial Technologies is a high tech machine and equipment supplier company, specialized for supplying any kind of equipment for fasteners and fixing producer companies in Turkey. Santech cooperates and represents the world leding machine and equipment producers for the fastener & fixing industries.

Including cold forging-heading presses, fat-planetary-cylindrical thread rolling machines, inspection machines, seondary operation and tapping machines, wire sraightening, cutting and bending machines, washer assembling machines, washing machines, heat treatment and coating lines, cold and hot forging lubricants and soaps-chemicals for wire drawing, thread Rolling dies, punches, carbides and pins, tool design trainings and tool.

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